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Unwind the patterns of the past and open your arms to a vibrant life; holistic health is the harmony of body, mind, and soul in tune with nature's rhythm.

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Services we Offer


Receive a comprehensive evaluation of your body's organs and glands with a thorough health survey.This includes a review of your kidney health, the acidity or alkalinity levels in your urine and saliva, kidney pressure, adrenal performance, along with guidance on herbal remedies and dietary education.

Iridology Report & Analysis

The iris reflects the brain's connectivity, with a vast network of nerve endings linked to the body's systems.It acts as a map, indicating inflammation, its progression, and the body's overall well-being, revealing both strengths and potential vulnerabilities.

Consultation & Iridology Report Analysis

Complete Wellness Review with Iris Insight.Gain a holistic understanding of your organ health through our focused evaluation, including kidney checks, pH balance, adrenal function, and a precise iris analysis, complemented by tailored herbal and nutrition advice.

Bio Hacks

Learn Bio Hacking strategies & modalities to optimize your body's well-beingWe help you learn & implement effective, science-backed strategies that boost your body's natural abilities and overall well-being.

About Us

Wholeistic Daily centers on a unique approach to wellness, delving into the fundamental causes of health issues rather than just treating symptoms.Our method is about sparking the body's own restorative abilities through a blend of natural detox, the healing power of plants, personalized nutrition plans, and a deep understanding of the body's interconnected systems.Our team, certified in the art of whole-body health, brings expertise in natural detoxification, the study of eye patterns for health insights, plant-based treatments, and a suite of holistic techniques to evaluate the body's well-being.We're here to guide you through improving gut health, navigating autoimmune conditions, enhancing fertility and reproductive health, and providing strategies for proactive health maintenance.We see health disturbances as a signal of imbalance – an indication that the body's ease and natural flow are hindered by toxicity and congestion.Services at Wholeistic Daily are comprehensive, including in-depth wellness consultations, eye health assessments that reflect your overall well-being, advice tailored to your nutritional needs, and plant-based remedies.Our belief at Wholeistic Daily is straightforward: thriving isn't just a possibility, it's your right.We're dedicated to equipping and supporting those who prioritize their health, aiming to help you achieve and maintain full, vibrant vitality. With coaching that's as real and down-to-earth as our approach to health, we're here to encourage you to not just seek a life of robust vitality but to fully live it.

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Imani K.
Regenerative Health: Certified Practitioner - IORH
Wellness Coach: Certified Personal Trainer - ISSA
Consultant: Data Science Technology Strategist

Owner & Founder

I've journeyed from a place of health issues to a journey of continuing to be a picture of vitality.

In the past, I indulged in the Standard American Diet, which, despite my active lifestyle—running track, playing softball, bodybuilding, and more—led to a decline in my health.I looked fit, but I was battling constant illness, fatigue, and a deep-seated unhappiness.I masked my issues with even more exercise & stimulants ignoring the underlying causes.Professionally, I thrived, but personally, I was floundering.It took acknowledging my need for help to start turning things around. Immersing myself in research, I explored the interconnectedness of health, emotions, spirituality, and relationships.This journey led me to mentors and a community online.Now, I'm at my healthiest, living a balanced life and eager to share my insights.My mission is to inspire others to live wholly and embrace the pillars of vitality for a sustainable, balanced life.

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With a passion for helping individuals like you unlock their full potential and achieve their goals, I'm here to guide you on a transformative journey towards personal growth and success.

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